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February at Harman's Cheese

Superbowl and Valentine's Day

The Superbowl and great food go together, especially Harman's Cheddar! Order by Friday, Feb 4th to ensure arrival before the big game and also order by Friday to send a Valentine's Gift. 

Check out the Inventory Sale for our February Specials.

Harman's Cheese November Specials

On Saturday we finished mailing the last of the annual letters.  If you didn't receive one or it's late, you can read the letter on our new website, click here.

We built a new website because the other one was not working well with paypal along with a few other issues. We hope the new one works better for all of you and for us. 

2021: Our Annual Letter

Our Annual Letter with the Aldrich Family and Harman's Cheese Happenings.

2020: Maxine's Annual Letter

The years seem to go faster, the older you get!  I’m not sure where time goes and what I do with it.  I have not worked much at the store this year.  I did puzzles and finished a challenging Cathedral Window puzzle, seven months after I started it.  I have another tough one still on the table, that I started in March of vintage Kellogg cereal boxes.   Lately, I have been enjoying reading books more than puzzling.

2019: Maxine's Annual Letter

Another busy year is ending. I work less at the store and spend more time at home doing puzzles.  Brenda estimates that I completed over 50 puzzles since last November.

Christmas Day: I completed the Zen Wooden Lupine Puzzle.  It was a challenge.