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Maple Cream

Old-fashioned, 100% pure spreadable maple, no added ingredients.  Pure Maple Syrup cooked and whipped to a creamy consistency.  

  • $11.75

This is an old-fashioned, 100% pure spreadable maple, no added ingredients.  Maple Cream is made by heating maple syrup and whipping it as it cools into a creamy spread.

Some prefer this for pancakes and waffles as you may spread just the amount you wish to have it melt into your food. 

When you receive your jar, you may notice some syrup on top, this separation is natural and you stir it back into the mixture. 

Maple Cream may also be called Maple Butter but they are the same product.

Size Choice: 8 ounce jar or 16 ounce jar.

Made in Lancaster, New Hampshire by Fuller's Sugarhouse.

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