Holiday Status Updates

This page is updated Daily.

Dec 7 Update:   OK, this year is challenging. I apologize to those of you that are awaiting our return call.  We are trying our best but life keeps throwing us curves.  Today one of my employees can't get out of her area due to ice on the roads and I spent half of yesterday in the Hospital ER.  I'm fine and was back to work by afternoon, but incidents like this keep putting us behind. We are still on track to have all orders received by Nov. 29th delivered by Dec. 17th (unless you requested a later delivery).

Tracking Numbers and Checking on Orders:  Please check your spam to see if confirmation and tracking number e-mails are getting caught there. Tracking Numbers are sent out after the packages are shipped.  We are currently shipping orders for delivery between Dec 8-10.
    If you placed your order between Nov 25 and Nov 29th, we are in working on these orders now, please give us a few more days to finish them.  If you placed your order after Nov. 29th - please check back here and I will post when we have started processing those orders.

Ordering by Phone: At this time, we are unable to take phone orders during the day.  Jen and I (Brenda) are working on getting to all of you that called before Nov. 29th.  It is a long list. If you called before Nov. 29th and left your name, we will process your order for delivery before Christmas.  For those of you that called after Nov. 29th, we will do our best to get your orders out as early as possible.

Ordering by E-Mail:  You can place an order by e-mail.  Do NOT put any credit card information in an e-mail.  We will contact you for payment.  You can also e-mail to ask us to call you and take your order.   If you send the e-mail by the end of day on Nov. 29th, we will get your order out in time for Christmas, even if we contact you for details after the deadline.  E-Mail:

Ordering Deadlines & Delivery Choices:  If you place orders by the order deadline dates, we will do our best to get them out on time but delivery delays and weather will effect the delivery date.  During the holidays, we cannot ship for specific dates.

  • Order by Dec. 10th for Delivery before New Year's Eve
  • Available Delivery "Weeks": Dec. 27-30, Jan 3-8, Jan 10-15.  All packages will be scheduled for delivery in the range of dates above as we are unable to do specific dates.  
  • Deadline for guaranteed Delivery before Christmas was Nov. 29th
  • Orders received after Nov 29th that desire a Christmas delivery will be processed after all orders received before Nov. 29th are processed.   I will keep you updated on this page as to where we are.  We are currently processing orders received between just before Thanksgiving.

Inventory Updates:

  • Soldier Beans are NOW available and there should not be any shortage through the spring as Green Thumb Farms had a good crop.
  • We are currently out of Polly's Buckwheat Pancake Mix, we hope will will have more in stock soon but Polly's Pancake Parlor only received part of their grain order this week so they are unable to make more at this time.
  • Castleton Artisan Crackers are limited and Rosemary is out-of-stock.  We are not sure when our "Christmas" order will be delivered . . . we placed the order in August.
  • Ruth's Cranberry Mustard is out of stock until mid-December and some other flavors have limited stock.
  • I just heard from Cabot Creamery that they will be making Habanero Cheddar Cheese sometime in the future, I am out of it now but once it comes back into production, I will carry it again.  That's great news and Bill still has inventory of the Smoked Habanero Cheese, because he bought some extra blocks before they stopped production .
  • Fox Country Smoke House Smoked Gouda is limited this year, order early.
  • Maxine's Cheese Balls are NOT available this year.  Due to an employee shortage, our co-packer (Genuine Local) has not been able to find a baker to produce any of their baked products.  They are still able to make our John Harman's Cocktail Spreads and Ruth's Mustards.
  • Polly's Pancake Mixes changed their packaging but we received our first holiday supply just before the change. Some of your orders will have the old packaging and some will have the new packaging but all mixes were made in November & December.  The price is the same but the weight in all new packaging is 18 oz.